Film Bundles

      Take a journey through all the analog film mix packages!

      Going on a trip and want to take a fun selection of film with you?

      With today's choice of film stocks like Kodak, Fujifilm, and Ilford and the great selection of color negative, black and white, experimental, and slide films out there it's hard to make a choice.

      BuyMoreFilm has made an awesome selection of 35mm film and 120 film, film bundles to make your life easier. You will find 35mm and 120 film combinations like Kodak and Ilford, Agfa and Fomapan, Cinestill and Street Candy, and Fujifilm and Kodak. Let's not forget the great Lomography films!

      Give yourself a challenge with one of these film bundles today!

      With these analog film bundles, you save at least €0,25 per roll!

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      0 products

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