RETO - Retocolor Aqua 400 - 35mm - 27
RETO - Retocolor Aqua 400 - 35mm - 27
RETO - Retocolor Aqua 400 - 35mm - 27
RETO - Retocolor Aqua 400 - 35mm - 27

RETO - Retocolor Aqua 400 - 35mm - 27

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RETO - Retocolor Aqua 400 - 35mm - 27


RETOCOLOR AQUA 400 Film, 27EXP 35MM, is a film that produces faded and low contrast colors when used in varied circumstances. Under daylight condition, it creates an icy bluish color tone and additionally add grainy texture to the photos. It necessitates standard C-41 processing, which is a widely-used and accessible option for lab processing. The film canister consists a DX code, which was already adhered to it, to assist users in setting the correct ISO while shooting with automatic cameras.

This emulsion is optimized for a hybrid workflow, ideal for scanning, and produces a complementary contrast curve for optical printing on RA-4 paper when processed in C-41 chemistry. Treat this film as a high-speed 400 ISO film for C-41 processing and push process whenever needed.


  • New Stock.
  • Package Contains: 1 Roll.
  • Brand: RETO Film.
  • Film Format: 35mm Film.
  • Film type: Color Negative Film.
  • ISO: 400.
  • Exposures: 27 Frames. 
  • Grain: Classic Grain.
  • Contrast: High.
  • Sharpness: Average.
  • Development Method: C-41.

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