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I need your creativity!

Hey, Analog Photographer!

So I caught your attention right? Let me explain my thoughts to you. We all love to use film and analog cameras. Using these beautiful analog cameras gives us all great joy. We all love to make and see analog photos right?
Why not showcase your work?

I would love to be the platform for you to showcase your work, your art, your creative thoughts and help you gain more exposure around you as a photographer and your work.

Showcase your analog creativity, write inspirational thoughts and gain exposure!


  • Choose subject: Film Stock, Camera or your Project.
  • The minimal amount of words is 500.
  • The write-up doesn't have to be fancy with formatting, I will take care of that.
  • You need to provide me with a completed write-up around your subject.
    Share your name, country, social information like Website/Instagram/Facebook so people can find you.
  • Include the information about the film stock and if you remember, the camera/lens information.
  • I need to receive the full-size images, I will personally adjust the size to my requirements.
    If you want to watermark your images, please feel free to do so, but keep it subtle.
  • If your English is not 100%, that is fine, I can help you with the finishing touches.
    But, I'm not going to think of full sections of information.
  • Send your completed blog writeup and images to



    It's completely free and I only want this:

    • I want to be able to use your images anywhere on my website or social media output.
      For example, you wrote about a particular film stock, you added images to your write-up. I want to be able to use your images for my film stock product page or use it for a social media post or blog announcement.

    Food for thought

    Please understand that I will not post anything that is against any law, harms others, or is offensive, I will not spread any hate, false information, strong opinions that have nothing to do with photography or anything like that.

    This blog is to spread the love around analog photography.

    I am not going to be a hard judging person, I accept every level of photography, you don't have to be popular or have many followers. I'm not going to ask you for other things behind the curtains. Rules are clear and public for everyone.

    Just remember, if you send in something, make sure it's done seriously, if it sucks and makes no sense, I will kindly inform you and I will not use it.

    Due to the possible chance of high submissions or submissions with similar write-ups, it might take a while before I use yours. Please respect my professional attitude and the choices I make.

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