Our products

All of the cameras that are sold on this website are vintage analog cameras.
They have been tested by myself. Camera repairs that are not done in-house will be outsourced by trusted repairers.
The cameras you see in the product pages are what you will receive and will include what is written in the product description unless stated otherwise.
The best possible description is provided but there can always be something that is not foreseen. Therefore, you can always get in touch when there is an issue and without argue, it will be solved. BuyMoreFilm is here for analog passion, not for the money. I would be a banker if I wanted more money ;)

BuyMoreFilm works with trusted, experienced camera repair companies that use professional, dedicated, sophisticated, and accurate machines to provide you with the best service possible. If you are in need of a camera repair, I can arrange this for you with our specialist repair contacts. Don't hesitate to reach out with your questions and I will forward you to the repair shops.

All images are taken from the actual camera you might consider buying
So each so-to-call product is a unique product unless stated otherwise.

Besides cameras many other products are being sold, please read carefully if this is a general image or the actual image.
If you want to order a product and want to make sure it is the actual product you see on the product page, please contact me before ordering.

If you are looking for a camera that is currently not on the webshop please let me know.
I have some friends and know some other shops who are also selling cameras.
I can always try to find your dream analog camera or that needed accessory.

All cameras will have new light seals if necessary.

On some occasions, there might be a discount available on BuyMoreFilm.com.
These discounts might not be valid on "Fresh" film and "New" products.

Some products are margin products, recalling VAT is not possible on those products.


Please contact me.