About BuyMoreFilm

BuyMoreFilm sells analog camera, fresh analog film and expired, and almost everything related.

I really love traveling and roaming around the world discovering new places. We used to own a VW Bus and tried to go out as much as possible. No obligations or needs! We sold the VW Bus in 2020 and we regret this every time we go on vacation. Back to the tent now hahaha. But since I love this lifestyle it's also why I am still shooting with analog cameras. I just love the way that analog cameras give you freedom, take the shot and enjoy the moment. The whole process of taking your time and developing the film yourself is just something you will not enjoy with a digital camera. And for some of us, making a print from a negative is the most important thing. I encourage everyone to try this once in their lifetime, at least!

I was collecting analog cameras and at a certain point, I had more than a couple of 1000 different types. This was the reason I started sharing pieces from my personal collection. Eventually, this grew into something like you know it today as BuyMoreFilm.

I hope you will find a great analog camera to add to your collection.
I will feel very proud if you pick one of my analog cameras.
I really enjoy seeing my old cameras in your hands so don't be shy to share them with me in any way!

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