About BuyMoreFilm

Hey everyone! Firstly let me say this, do you know that feeling that when you are doing something you love and makes you feel happy in life?
That's what I feel when helping you in this analog world! No marketing joke, I really love this hobby of mine and I could not do this without your support!

BuyMoreFilm is a camera shop from The Netherlands, owned and managed by a single owner that is from The Netherlands.
BuyMoreFilm sells analog cameras, fresh analog film, expired film, and almost everything related. I confess I'm a hoarder hahaha!

Let's get this out as well, I do this on my own, just me, nobody else.
With your support, I support my own family and get to enjoy life. This part of my life is all done in my spare time, next to a 40-hour job in the Royal Dutch Army.
I have been in service for more than 13 years now.
I also follow a side education in guiding and supporting people with a mental disorder and hope to switch my career within the next 5 years.
I really do this because I have a passion for it.
I hardly ever sleep more than 5 hours a day, trust me, this is not a lie hehe. I'm here for all of you and that's what the analog community is all about!

Tag me in your Instagram posts and I will always share them, no matter how good or not so good your images are.
Send me a message on Instagram if you shoot film, I will follow you back, no questions asked!
Do you have a question? Do you need help? Just talk to me, I'm here for you, all of you :)

I really love traveling and roaming around the world to discover new places.
We used to own a VW Bus and tried to go out as much as possible.
No obligations or needs! We sold the VW Bus in 2020 and we regret this every time we go on vacation. Back to the tent now hahaha. (update 2021, we bought a new campervan!)
But since I love this lifestyle it's also why I am still shooting with analog cameras. I just love the way that analog cameras give you freedom, take the shot and enjoy the moment.
The whole process of taking your time and developing the film yourself is just something you will not enjoy with a digital camera.
And for some of us, making a print from a negative is the most important thing.
I encourage everyone to try this once in their lifetime, at least!

I was collecting analog cameras and at a certain point, I had more than a couple of 1000 different types.
This was the reason I started sharing pieces from my personal collection.
Eventually, this grew into something like you know it today as BuyMoreFilm.

I hope you will find a great analog camera to add to your collection.
I will feel very proud if you pick one of my analog cameras.
I really enjoy seeing my old cameras in your hands so don't be shy to share them with me in any way!

For all you analog photography lovers you can tag me with your
new analog cameras or other film collectables with #BuyMoreFilm

You can Contact Me or follow me on Instagram @BuyMoreFilm