ARS-IMAGO FX Fixer Universal
ARS-IMAGO FX Fixer Universal
ARS-IMAGO FX Fixer Universal
ARS-IMAGO FX Fixer Universal

ARS-IMAGO FX Fixer Universal

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ARS-IMAGO FX Fixer Universal

The ARS-IMAGO FX Fixer Universal is a universal, non-hardener fixer for black and white films and papers. It has a highly concentrated liquid solution based on ammonium thiosulphate. Depending on the dilution, it can be used as both standard or fast fixer.


Dilute the concentrated solution with running water. The fixer is ready for use only after carefully mixing the working solution.

  • Standard fixing dilution: 1+7/1+9
  • Quick fixing dilution: 1+5

The final volume of the working solution depends on the size and kind of tank and the number of films or spirals that are being handled.


Constantly keep the temperature at a max 5'C difference from the development bath.


Recommended agitation for tank development continues for the first 30 seconds, with two inversions every 30 seconds for the remaining development time. The development time starts from the moment the solution is introduced into the tank and ends when the stop bath is introduced. At the end of each agitation sequence, tap the tank on the working bench to avoid the formation of air bubbles on the surface of the film.

Treatment time - Capacity

Do not exceed the capacity guidelines, as provided in the images.

Life of the product

The concentrated product's shelf-life is 2 years in its original packaging. It is recommended to use the working solution within 3 months after opening.

To avoid the risk of insufficient or excessive fixing, it is possible to test the film clarification time. Proceed in the following way:

  • Pour a drop of the fixing solution. over a portion of undeveloped film
  • Wait until the wet part of the drop becomes transparent (usually after 30-60 seconds).
  • Immerse the entire film strip in the fixing solution and measure the time it takes for the mark left behind by the drop to be no longer visible.

The optimal fixing time corresponds to twice the clarification time. Overly prolonged fixing times may have negative effects on the film.

Final rinse

After the fixing bath, rinse the film to remove chemical residues and increase the durability and storage over time. Wash for about 10 minutes in turning water at a temperature not hotter nor colder than 5'C from the fixing bath temperature.

  • Poly-coated papers (RC): rinse for 2-3 minutes.
  • Baryte papers (FB): rinse for about 45-60 minutes.


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