ARS-IMAGO FE ECO Film Developer
ARS-IMAGO FE ECO Film Developer
ARS-IMAGO FE ECO Film Developer
ARS-IMAGO FE ECO Film Developer
ARS-IMAGO FE ECO Film Developer

ARS-IMAGO FE ECO Film Developer

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ARS-IMAGO FE ECO Film Developer

The ARS-IMAGO FE is an ecological and universal black and white film developer. It is an ascorbic acid-based, hydroquinone-free, and easy-mixing solution that combines fine-grain and full use of film speed. It produces very sharp negatives enhancing shadow contrast and improving highlight detail.


ARS-IMAGO FE ECO film developer is a concentrated liquid that can be diluted 1+1 or 1+3. Prepare the working solution with running water. The volume of the required working solution depends on the size, the type of tank, and the number of films/spirals in the tank.


  • Eco developer - Hydroquinone-free
  • Universal developer for any kind of B&W films
  • Good use of film speed
  • Fine-grain and high sharpness
  • Mildly compensating and good results on highlights


The working solution must be used at 20'C. During the entire development process, including stop bath, fixing bath, and final rinse, the temperature must be kept as constant as possible.


Recommended agitation for tank development continues for the first 30 seconds, with two inversions every 30 seconds for the remaining development time. The development time starts from the moment the solution is introduced into the tank and ends when the stop bath is introduced. At the end of each agitation sequence, tap the tank on the working bench to avoid the formation of air bubbles on the surface of the film.

Capacity and storage life

The diluted 1+1 solution can develop up to 15 films. The development time has to be increased by 15% every 3 films. The working solution can be stored for 4 months (fully filled container) or 2 months (partially filled container). The one sho solution has to be discarded after using it.

Development time

The following development times (see photos) are suggested in order to obtain negatives with an optimum tonal extension in regard to the provided ISO and that are suitable for analog printing and digital scanning.

Dilution: 1+39 (1+19 or 1+59 where indicated).
Temperature: 20'C.

Stop bath

it is recommended to use a stop bath between the development and fixing baths unless otherwise specified by the film producer. We suggest using the ARS-IMAGO ST Stop Bath.

Fixing bath

We suggest using ARS-IMAGO FX-FIXER Universal as a fixing bath. It is recommended not to fix the films beyond necessity in order to fully appreciate the high resolution which characterizes this development bath. To avoid long fixing times, we recommend using a new or regenerated dast fixing, non-hardening solution, at the highest concentration specified by the producer (typically 1+4).

Final rinse

Wash in running water at 20'C for 10-15 minutes or repeatedly fill and empty the tank while gradually increasing the agitation.

Wetting agent

After rinsing, it is recommended to use a wetting agent as the last bath. We suggest using ARS-IMAGO WB - Washing Bath.


Dry the film in a closed area, away from dust and draughts.


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