Bellini Foto - ECO FX100 Universal Fixer- 1L

Bellini Foto - ECO FX100 Universal Fixer- 1L

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Bellini Foto - ECO FX100 Universal Fixer- 1L

FX100 Universal Fixer for Films and Papers – Composed of Ammonium Iposolfite, it is formulated specifically for black and white films and papers. The nice thing about this fix is that it is easily eliminated thus has reduced washing times and is more eco-friendly than some other fixers.

This product is a fixer very similar to many others, results are very identical! So if you are looking for a fixer and something that is more environmentally friendly? The Bellini Foto ECO FX100 Universal Fixer is what you're looking for!


Fast-acting universal fixer made of Ammonium Hyposulfite and formulated specifically for B&W films and paper. This fixer is easily eliminated and therefore has reduced washing times. This product is free from developing agents that are harmful to the environment and humans, making it particularly suitable for use in schools and colleges. 1 liter of the Bellini Foto ECO FX100 Universal Fixer gives you 20 liters of ready-to-go B&W fixer.


Water Concentrate

1 L 900 ML 100 ML
1 L 800 ML 200 ML


Dilution is 1+4 for film and 1+9 for paper.

Processing times are 90-120 seconds at 20 °C.


15-20 films 135-36 or 120 per liter.
2.5 m2 Resin-coated paper per liter.
1.5 m2 Fiber-based paper per liter.


For detailed safety and handling instructions refer to MSDS or contact BELLINI FOTO S.r.l. by e-mail: or by telephone +39 075 985 174. Handle with care and follow safety and handling instructions. Wear gloves and use safety goggles; keep them out of reach of children. 

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