Bulk Loader - Legacy Pro Lloyd - 35mm Film Loader
Bulk Loader - Legacy Pro Lloyd - 35mm Film Loader
Bulk Loader - Legacy Pro Lloyd - 35mm Film Loader
Bulk Loader - Legacy Pro Lloyd - 35mm Film Loader

Bulk Loader - Legacy Pro Lloyd - 35mm Film Loader

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Bulk Loader - Legacy Pro Lloyd - 35mm Film Loader

Full-fledged film loader for home use.

This machine can hold up to 100ft/30.5m of material. You can load the cartridge in daylight. Only loading the film into the loader itself has to be done in TOTAL darkness - absolutely NO LIGHT - watch for smartphones and other unexpected sources of light. They all need to make sure not to be in the same room with you. In addition, make sure that you are not full of charge yourself. For this ground yourself and touch something iron ore. Sometimes the body expels little flashes of light which will indeed ruin your film for good.

Loading your own film saves time and money. You can also load a cartridge with a couple of feet of material and have fewer exposures so you don't have to wait until the full-fledged 36 pictures are exposed.

There is no “counter" on this machine but if you twist the wheel about 30 times then you have just about 36 exposures on the role.

Also, it doesn't tell you how much film is left in the loader. HOWEVER, use a kitchen scale from the beginning: you do the math.

You can also put a piece of painter's tape on the bulk loader and write down how many turns you already made. Next time you can add the next turns and you will keep track easily. Nobody said it was easy to save money right hahaha.



  • Uses BULK film only, 100ft/30.5m


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