Film Washi Z 400 - Specialty Film - 35mm - 24
Film Washi Z 400 - Specialty Film - 35mm - 24

Film Washi Z 400 - Specialty Film - 35mm - 24

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Film Washi Z 400 - Specialty Film - 35mm - 24

Originally coated for aerial vegetation mapping, "Z" is a near infrared-sensitive film, offering nice contrast and green shades separation, making it perfect for landscape photography.

These films are coated by machines in other factories but are not made for regular photography. They may have been designed for exposition through automatic machines, like motion picture sound or leader film, or even not intended for visible light, like X-ray films. Some others are reserved for governmental or military uses, like surveillance films. However, these films can be hacked from their intended use for artistic or fun purposes. That is why Film Washi converts them to standard formats to make them usable in classic cameras.

Film Washi reuses old analog film canisters from various brands.


  • New Film Stock.
  • Package Contains: 1 Roll.
  • Brand: Film Washi.
  • Film Format: 35mm Film.
  • Film type: Black and White Near-Infrared Film.
  • ISO: 400.
  • Exposures: 24 Frames.
  • Grain: Fine Grain.
  • Contrast: Average.
  • Sharpness: Average.
  • Development Method: Ilfosol, Rodinal, D-76, Xtol.
  • Technical Data Link: Click here!

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