Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Professional - 35mm - 36
Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Professional - 35mm - 36

Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Professional - 35mm - 36

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Ilford Pan F Plus 50 Professional - 35mm - 36

ILFORD PAN F Plus 50 is an extremely fine grain black and white film. It has an outstanding resolution, sharpness, and edge contrast. These characteristics make it the natural choice where fine detail and lack of grain are more important than film speed. Mural size enlargements from PAN F Plus negatives show an outstanding range of tone and detail when the film is carefully exposed and processed.

PAN F Plus is compatible with all major processing systems, including those which give the standard short fixing and washing times.

PAN F Plus 35mm film is coated on a 0.125mm/5-mil acetate base and is available in 36 exposure cassettes, or in bulk lengths of 17 and 30.5 meters (55 and 100ft). PAN F Plus 35mm film is supplied in DX coded cassettes, suitable for all 35mm cameras.


  • New Film Stock.
  • Package Contains: 1 Roll.
  • Brand: Ilford Photo.
  • Film Format: 35mm Film.
  • Film type: Black and White Film.
  • ISO: 50.
  • Exposures: 36 Frames. 
  • Grain: Extremely Fine Grain.
  • Contrast: High Contrast.
  • Sharpness: High Sharpness.
  • Development Method: Fomadon, Ilford ID-11, Microphen, Kodak D-76, Tetenal.

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